Monday, November 24, 2014

Stamp Masking and Sketching with Janine

Hi it's Janine Koczwara here with a different way of combining Jamie Dougherty design genius!  I have signed up to do Jamie's Blooming Through The Seasons online workshop where she teachers you some of her awesome drawing and art journal magic each month via video tutorials.  They are absolutely fabulous and I have wanted to try drawing a couple of the flowers she has taught us how to do and what better way than combining it with one of the faces from her stamps!

So here  is the process I used to create this arty, mixed media card.

1.  Firstly I stamped the image directly onto normal printing paper and used my Prima Craft knife to cut out the face (on the outside of the facial lines of the stamp.
Then I used that paper over my stamp as a mask allowing me to ink up only the portion of the stamp I wanted. (It is important to clean the stamp thoroughly between the first step and the second step so it doesn't have ink residue on the rest of the stamp that you are not wanting to stamp.
2.  Next I stamped the masked image onto my bleedproof paper ready for colouring with Copics and Prisma pencils.

3.  Then came the biggest challenge for me!  Sketching in my own flowers, vine and birds.  Jamie's classes have taught me to push the boundaries of my comfort zone and try my hand at drawing.  I went back to her lesson video's and watched the flower drawing section of them over again to remind myself of what I had to do, then began to draw away.  For the birds I used a reference image off pinterest, and again used principles of circles and ovals (taught in previous lessons on face drawing by Jamie) to sketch in my little birds.

4.  Once the sketching was done, it was time to colour.  I used copics first to lay down skin and hair colour and went back in using Prisma Coloured pencils to add details and extra shading.

5.  Once that was complete it was on with creating a background for her to sit on.  Bleedproof paper and watercolour don't mix very well, so back to some intricate fussy cutting of the image!  Then creating the watercolour background on Jamies Fabulous Bloom Watercolour Paper.  Finally I matted it and an artistic mixed media card is complete.  As yet I have not added a sentiment as I often leave that to the last minute once I have decided who the card is for.

I hope this gives you an idea of another way to use Jamie's fabulous stamps and inspires you to take one of her online lessons.  Prior to November last year I would have thought I could only draw a stick figure and never would have dreamed I could draw a face or cute little birds and I owe it to Jamie's online classes for teaching me how to do these and give me the confidence to just try.

Prima Bloom Stamp
Prima Bloom Watercolor Paper Pad
Copic Bleedproof Paper
Memento Black Ink
Copic Markers
Prisma Pencils
Stampendous Mish Mash Stamp
Prima Honeycomb Stamp
Prima Newsprint Stamp
Peerless Watercolours
Black Sharpie
White Sharpie
Arhival Ink Black, Sap Green and French Ultramarine


  1. I am SO impressed with your drawing!

  2. Thanks ladies. I owe it all to Jamie's video lessons, without them I would have thought I couldn't draw anything more than a stick figure! You never know what you are capable of until you get some good instruction and a bit of practice.

  3. This is beautiful! I love your drawings - so good! I just signed up for Jamie's workshop and I'm so excited. I'm like you, honestly, I can't draw a stick figure! I would love to be able to if I can just let go of my insecurities. You've given me inspiration!