Monday, October 27, 2014

Light Up Your Day Bloom Girl Style with Sherry Bienert

Hey everyone! It's my turn again to bring a little Bloom goodness to the blog!! I decided to challenge myself a bit for this project!!! So while I was at IKEA with my fiancĂ©, I took him over to the 'as is' section and said 'pick something.....' Five minutes later, with a smile on his face he hands me a tattered, stained, grey lampshade!!! I asked if there was a clean one, but with a grin he tells me no because this is the one he picked... And it's only 99 cents! I embraced the challenge and decided to showcase how easily anyone can transform an everyday object with things that are already in their stash!! Other then the lamp shade everything came from my stash already in the craft room!!

Let the transformation begin!!!! First I masked off randomly spaced, different width stripes vertically around the whole shade with painters tape, then painted between the lines with white acrylic paint. Before the paint dried I pulled the tape off then let dry completely. Using versamark and black embossing powder i embossed 'Summer' from the Bloom Girls cling stamps into place on the lamp shade.  Next I used Prima matte gel medium and collaged torn strips of old book paper, music sheet and drywall tape. Once the gel medium was dry I used a polka dots stencil And applied molding paste randomly around Summer and the paper strips! Let dry!

Taking an assorted selection of ink distressed Prima flowers and mechanicals, Bloom Girl brads, burlap and pearls I arranged them diagonally on either side of Summer. Using the Butterflies from the Sharon stencil and some black molding paste on a transparency sheet, I created beautiful 3d butterflies to add more dimension. I inserted my photo into a photo frame and selected a definition sticker and adhered with pop dots. To finish the shade off I added a few pops of color to Summer with acrylic paint and added a few splatters of white paint to tie everything together!!

And now I have a fabulous, customized lamp shade for my creative room!


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