Tuesday, October 21, 2014

DIY Watercolor Journal With Bloom Girls Instachick

Pump up a plain journal with a BloomGirls stamp and some basic children's watercolors. Buy a bunch of plain journals and paint them differently to give as gifts to your friends. You can even do this on binders and envelopes! 

I decided to go for a rainbow brite type of look on this Bloom Girl. That's what I really love about these stamps - you can use them to make a portrait of someone you know in real life or you can go totally imaginary with them! Check out how I made this afforable project in under 10 minutes:

  • Bloom Girls Stamp - Instachick
  • Bloom Girls Paperclips - Instachick
  • Prima Alphabet Stickers
  • Blank Notebook
  • Child Watercolor Set with Brush
  • Water
  • ColorBox Archival Dye Ink - Black
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  1. love the video.. I need to learn how to set something up like that myself.. thanks for reminding us.. you dont always have to have expensive things to create and make beautiful projects as gifts.. those mote books dont cost much at all.. and if you are a fan like i am of Jaimie.. you probably have the stamps and just haven't used them yet!! lololol why not use water colors.. love the rainbow!! and white flower combo!!