Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hair Fancies With Bloom Girl Stamps

Hello Everyone..It is me again, Jeannie with a fun tutorial for some hair sticks.
I started out with these adorable knitting sticks, that were useless, that came in a "Teach me to Knit" kit for kids.

I coated them with a quick layer or black paint.

If you know me at all, you know I have to have some Polka Dots somewhere.

Next, the charms for the sticks.  I used Matte Shrink Film.

You can see how the film is translucent.  I am using the Staz-On ink so I can use alcohol based markers. Also you have to use an in of this sort on Shrink Film.

I am using the Bloom Girl Joy stamp.

I stamped it 3 times so I could use one image and then the flowers from the other 2.

I am using the Bic Mark It pens. 

I learned the hard way, (I had forgotten) on the Matte Film, you need to color on the right side of the image. 
You can see, I colored on the wrong side, expecting the image to maintain it's translucency.  But I baked them, the plastic became opaque and you couldn't see any of my coloring through the front side,
Oh well!!!

To bake the Film, I use, 2 pieces of chipboard and 1 piece of vellum on a cookie sheet.

The colored side faces up on the layer of chipboard, then you cover that with vellum, then the remaining chipboard goes on top.  
The weight of the top piece of chipboard keeps the images from curling and sticking to each other.

After my images shrunk and I recolored them, I got ready to add the charms to the needles.
Using eye-pins, this is how I created the base to hang the charms from.

Using beads and jump-rings and other jewelry findings, this is how they turned out.

Here is how they look while in use.

I think they are super cute and just a touch of crazy fun!!

So there you have it.  I will definitely try the shrink film again, but this time I'll remember to use the clear or color the images digitally and print them out if I am using the Matte Film.

I hope you enjoyed my post today.  This has been Jeannie from The Polka Cabana with today's post.


  1. Now you know what to do with all those knitting thing a ma bobbers you bought when you thought you were going to learn to knit!!! ;)

  2. cute! It's nice you have long hair to make a bun to stick them into. I have the Ann Estelle's short bob look, so hair sticks don't quite work for me. got any ideas for clips?

  3. Great idea making these with shrink film and stamps.
    Thank you for sharing your genius!