Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Canvas Bag Tutorial with DT Stephanie

Hey everyone! DT Stephanie here!

 So how do you like to play with the canvas tote bag so far? Did you enter the contest yet?
If not, here's a fancy and simple way to make one, based on the bag you've seen on Prima's blog.

Supplies used : Canvas bag, Bloom Girl Sharon stencil, Elementals Rattan stencil, black paint, Color Bloom ink of your choice, sponge, light brush, water, E-6000 glue, ribbons, Elementals metal embellishments and flowers from Prima.

First, put a cardboard or something flat and strong inside the bag so you alter only one side of it.

Decide which stencil you'd like to use. I wanted to give an angelic look to this tote, so I went with the Sharon one.

With your sponge, gently dab some black paint on the stencil. Make sure the silhouette doesn't move!

Do the same thing by placing your next stencil on each side of your Bloom Girl.

With a light brush and some water, try applying Color Bloom ink along the edges of the silhouette, as if it was a graphic look. If your lines seem too bold, add more water and gently stretch the ink towards the center.

Add some ribbons from your stash on the handle for a little bohemian look.

Glue flowers and metal embellishments here and there, forming clusters.

Voilà! So now make sure you enter the contest to win awesome PRIZES!